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Littlebend Cable Performance

Littlebend™ TM Ultra-Flexible RF Cable Series by HASCO, Inc.

HASCO, Inc., a global distributor of quality RF and Microwave components, introduces Littlebend™ ™ Ultra-Flexible RF Cable Series toprovide RF industry customers with a more flexible cable option that supports the need for increased movement during testing or production applications. As the need for RF and Microwave interconnect technology continues to expand in capabilities and application, while shedding in size and weight; Littlebend cables are designed to help bridge the gap between traditional standalone components to fully integrated solutions requiring faster, smaller, and better performing...

Product Information

Littlebend represents one of the most durable and truly flexible coaxial cable designs on the market.  With a minimum bend radius of 0.20” (5mm) and a high retention force of >90N, these ultra-flexible cables essentially eliminate the need for right-angle adapters.  In addition, Littlebend’s cable design can support tight in-box applications, reducing the need for pre-defined custom lengths, and the triple shielded design supports demanding microwave interconnect applications and system requiring dense packaging.

Proven Performance

With increased phase stability and power handling capacity, Littlebend designed for complex applications and demanding interconnect requirements.  These triple-shielded, extremely flexible cables support a minimum bend radius of 0.20” (5mm), and a high retention force of >90N eliminating the need for right-angle adapters.

The Littlebend™  cable series are 100% tested for VSWR and Insertion loss and allow for installation with sharp bends in tight locations and high-density applications without the need for right-angle connectors, thus saving on cost, time, space and weight.​