5G Testing Components


We offer a broad selection of RF and millimeter wave, coaxial and waveguide components that are appropriate for building 5G test systems. The available coax and mmWave components are high-performance designs with precision interfaces and low VSWR.


Millimeter wave applications were primarily used by niche industries, such as defense radars, collision avoidance, and point-to-point communications. The demand for faster data rates by consumers has driven technology to broader bandwidth spectrums that are available in mmWave bands. It is now possible to download a 1 gigabyte movie to your phone in just a few seconds using 5G.

HASCO has been supporting mmWave engineers for many years and has expanded its products to support increased demand generated by the mmWave spectrum 5G bands. The 5G bands are:

  • sub-6 (below 6 GHz and low-band)
  • n258 (26.5GHz to 29.5GHz)
  • n259 (24.25GHz to 27.5GHz) 
  • n260 band (37GHz to 40GHz) 
  • n261 (27.5GHz to 28.35GHz) 

HASCO stocks mmWave waveguide adapters, waveguide sections, waveguide attenuators, waveguide terminations (loads), waveguide and MMIC amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, and a broad selection coaxial components.

Whether 24 GHz or 324 GHz, HASCO can provide component solutions for RF systems, such as transmitters, receivers, and radars, with our expanded product line that include V, E, and W Band components. The in-stock components provide solutions for Up and Down Converters, amplifiers requirements and interconnect needs, such as waveguide and coax adapters. The types of components we stock are low-noise, medium-power and power amplifiers; mixers and multipliers; waveguide to coax adapters; a variety of waveguide section configurations; passive coax and waveguide components; and a broad selection of coax connectors, adapters, and high performance cables that operate up to 110 GHz.

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