Business Continuity Plan

HASCO has developed and implemented an official Business Continuity Plan to assist in the process of protecting and recovering the company's critical business functions in the case of a natural disaster, health pandemic, or any other emergency situation with the potential to impact regular business activities. The Business Continuity Plan serves as the official internal guide for governing the processes for protecting HASCO’s employees, contractors, internal stakeholders, and critical business activity when responding to events that interrupt or threaten to interrupt the ability to maintain business functions supported at the headquartered location in Moorpark, CA.

The primary objective of this Plan is to define steps for addressing critical interrupted services and functions as quickly and completely as possible, in order to:

1. Safeguard HASCO’s products and other supplier assets

2. Minimize the impact of interruptions of core business functions

3. Maximize the ability to provide normal delivery of products and services

It is the responsibility of every HASCO employee, contractor, and internal stakeholder to understand the plan, maintain the plan, and ensure that individual roles are supported and accounted for within the plan. HASCO's Business Continuity Plan also serves as a reference guide to be used when communicating and activating recovery procedures to ensure that business interruptions are as short as possible and within a reasonable range of financial considerations.

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