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NEW HASCO Isolators and Circulators

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HASCO Components, a leading supplier and distributor of RF and Microwave components, is proud to introduce our line of Circulators and Isolators covering frequencies from 800 MHz to 26.5 GHz in Circulators and 800 MHz to 40 GHz in Isolators.

Isolators are 2-port devices that prevent reflections from traveling and damaging transmit equipment. The isolator will redirect the reflected energy into the internal termination, while circulators have a 3rd port that can be used to redirect the energy elsewhere. 

Circulators are used in systems that need to both transmit and receive using the same pathways from the antenna. Circulators can also be connected to an external termination to allow for higher power applications.

HASCO has these components and many more in stock, ready to ship same day. For additional requirements or special requests please contact us via Phone (888) 498-3242, E-Mail: Sales@hasco-inc.com or via Live Chat.

RF and Microwave Terminations

Coaxial terminations (or loads) are used to terminate unused ports and prevent RF leakage or on isolated ports of hybrids and combiners and to protect devices from damaging signal reflections. HASCO has an extensive selection of RF and Microwave Terminations including 1 watt to 10 watt SMA Terminations, 2.92mm Terminations, 2.40mm Terminations, TNC Terminations and up to 25 Watt [...]

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HASCO Components Introduces a Line of Low PIM (Low Passive Intermodulation) Adapters

What is Low PIM? PIM is the unwanted signal or signals generated by the non-linear mixing of 2 or more high power frequencies in a passive (or linear) device such as Adapters, Connectors and Cables in addition to other passive components.HASCO stocks these adapters in both in-series and between-series connector types;  7/16 DIN In-Series, 7/16 DIN to SMA Between-Series, [...]

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RF to Millimeter Wave Break-Over Torque Wrenches

HASCO, INC. Proudly introduces the new selection of Lab-Grade Break-Over Torque Wrenches. Stainless Steel wrench head and Anodized Aluminum handles ensure a perfect mating torque for any RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave connectorized component or cable assembly.All Connectors have a specified Torque setting to prevent damage to the connector and ensure proper performance. Connector series vary from SMA, 2.92mm, 1.85mm, [...]

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Insulated Wire Inc. announces distribution agreement with HASCO Inc.

Insulated Wire, Inc., Microwave Products Division is pleased to announce a new distribution agreementwith HASCO Inc. for the Re‐Flex™ product range.Re‐Flex™ is a semi‐rigid and conformable replacement cable combining IW’s unique laminated dielectricwith a tin/alloy plated outer braid to provide a double shielded re‐formable cable that eliminates thefailure modes of traditional solid and solder dipped [...]

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Introducing 1.85mm 65GHz Attenuators

HASCO Components introduces our 1.85mm 65GHz Attenuators. These small, lightweight and low V.S.W.R Attenuators are ideally suited for widely-used high-frequency transmission applications. RF and Microwave attenuators are used to lower voltage, dissipate power, and improve impedance matching between components. HASCO Components’ 1.85mm Attenuators are available in 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30dB.HASCO Components can also support most requirements for RF and [...]

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Introducing the HLL142A Series Armored Test Cables

HASCO Components introduces the HLL142A Series armored test cables. It can be ordered with SMA or N-Type connectors which are constructed of rugged stainless steel. The SMA test cables are designed to operate to 20 GHz and the N-Type test cables operate to 18 GHz. The strong interface between the connector and armoring, along with the strain-relief booting, increase the [...]

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Coaxial Cable Connectors Will Help Conserve Energy

When it comes to providing top-notch equipment, parts, cables and assemblies, there's nobody else in the market that compares to us. We buy in bulk and directly from the manufacturer, which means our products are structurally solid and built to last the long haul. Plus, it also means that we can provide everything we have [...]

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Use the Best Coax Cable Connectors

Do you need your coax cable assemblies to work every single time? Here at HASCO we design and manufacture our products to stand up to the most rigorous situations you can imagine. Whether you are looking for aerospace special and custom components, military engineering components, commercial telecommunications, or just the most reliable and low loss cables [...]

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RF Cable Assemblies Will Keep Your System Organized

If you are having trouble keeping all the cables and wires you have, organized, you should seriously consider a RF Cable Assembly. We know just how frustrating it can be to try and figure out how you can best organize all of your cables and wires. That's why we distribute so many different types of [...]

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