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5G – The next wave in connecting more people and things!

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According to Ahmad Bahai, Cheif Technolgist at Tesas Insturments; Two major factors drive the need for disruptive technologies in 5G standards: First, optimizing and enhancing the existing wireless use case to support a 100X increase in network capacity. Second, supporting new services such as machine-type , vehicle communications and other mission-critical low latency applications by offering 10X improvement in latency. In this column, we review some requirements and promises of 5G standards, delineate its impact, and cover TI’s strong portfolio in future wireless infrastructure.

HASCO offers a full line of SAGE Millimeter Waveguide to E-Bends, H-Bends and Twists

Waveguide bends and twists are offered to cover the frequency range of 18 to 170 GHz. The below standard models offer 90 degree E- and H-plane bends and 90 and 45 degree twists. However, custom angular degrees can be configured as well. While the standard models are commercial grade, instrumentation grade waveguides are also available.

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HASCO offers a full line of SAGE Millimeter Waveguide to Coax Adapters

SAGE Millimeter, Inc. Waveguide to coax adapters allow for an efficient transition between the rectangular waveguide and coax connector. Two mechanical configurations, a right angle and an end launch (in-line), are offered for various waveguide bands. These adapters are designed and manufactured for instrumentation grade quality, but offered at a commercial price level. These adapters [...]

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How To Meet AS9100 Requirements As A Defense Subcontractor

In the aerospace industries the construction and maintenance of aircraft involves a variety of products, including wide-bandwidth amplifiers, high-voltage connectors, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, DC-DC converters, and many additional RF and and Microwave components. manufactured by dozens of companies. However, One thing all of these suppliers must have in common is a concern for quality and compliance.

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Northrop, Raytheon BBN Secure DARPA Contracts to Develop ‘Swarm’ Unmanned Systems

Northrop, Raytheon BBN Secure DARPA Contracts to Develop ‘Swarm’ Unmanned SystemsARLINGTON, Va. – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded contracts to separate teams led by Northrop Grumman and Raytheon‘s BBN Technologies subsidiary to develop unmanned aerial and ground vehicle technologies. ExecutiveBiz reports. Continue reading original article

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SAGE Millimeter, Inc. - E-Band X2 Passive Multiplier

SAGE Millimeter Model SWF-79305340-12-B1 is an E band waveguide bandpass filter with a passband of 76 to 81 GHz that rejects the frequencies ranging from DC to 73 GHz and 84 to 105 GHz. The nominal insertion loss of the bandpass filter is 2.0 dB and the minimum rejection is 40 dB. Since both low end and high end cut off [...]

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SAGE Millimeter, Inc. - E-Band, 62 to 86 GHz, 4 Way, Right Angle, Waveguide Power Divider

SAGE Millimeter, Inc. Model SWP-62386304-12-S1 offers a typical insertion loss of 1.0 dB across the frequency range of 62 to 86 GHz. The divider offers 20 dB isolation and well balanced ports, which can be used for in-phase power dividing or combining. This power divider comes as a right angle configuration with WR-12 Waveguides and UG-387/U [...]

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - How Wireless Works

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - How Wireless WorksWireless connectivity is everywhere and an integral part of our daily lives. But do you know what happens each time you use your smartphone, tablet or other wireless device? Then take a moment to watch “How Wireless Works” – a short, fun and informative animated video brought to you [...]

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. - CTO Explains 5G in five minutes

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.CTO Peter Gammel explains 5G, with an understandable analogy comparing the approaches to increasing data rates to a highwayhttps://www.hasco-inc.com/pages/blog/hasco-innovat...

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