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General Purpose Performance RF Adapters

HASCO General Purpose Performance Adapters

HASCO has been a supplier of precision adapters to customers requiring high performance products with very low VSWR and extended durability. However, to support the large demand for general purpose adapters needed for non-critical and/or lower frequency applications designed  to reduce time and paperwork needed to source adapters from multiple suppliers.  

HASCO has released a new In-Series and Between-Series performance line of general-purpose Adapters (GPP).  

  In-Series GPP Adapters Include (Click to view):

  Between-Series GPP Adapters Include (Click to View):
  • BNC
  • SMA
  • SSMA
  • TNC
  • BNC-N

Our new line of GPP (general-purpose performance) adapters are constructed using high-grade materials that are machined to meet lower VSWR requirements, such as our HAD-SMAJ-SMPJ SMA Female to SMP Female adapter that is designed and built to operate to 27 GHz with a VSWR of 1.15:1, as compared to some competitors’ 18 GHz, 1.25:1 VSWR versions. We also provide a higher-grade contact plating, such HAD-TNCJ-TNCJ TNC Female to Female adapter with a 4 micro-inch gold over 80 micro-inch nickel-phosphorous-alloy over 20 micro-inch copper on Beryllium copper, as compared to some competitors’ silver plating over brass.

Whether a between-series adapter or an in-series adapter is needed to meet your application, HASCO ensures that high-performance adapter, as well as GPP adapters, are available at a competitive price. Visit to see our full list of adapters, which are in-stock and available to ship today.  Click Here to see all HASCO High-Performance and GPP adapters.

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