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HASCO Littlebend Cables play an integral role in various cutting-edge applications, spanning RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave system integration and box builds, and extending their impact to 6G and 5G MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) systems. These versatile cables excel in demanding scenarios, including antenna OTA (Over-The-Air) testing setups, switch and attenuator matrixes, in-box connections, and board-to-board connections. In these domains, precision and reliability are paramount, and Littlebend Cables deliver on both fronts.

The standout feature of these cables is their exceptional flexibility. They can navigate intricate pathways within confined spaces while preserving the crucial signal integrity demanded by high-frequency applications. This attribute is invaluable in MIMO systems, where multiple antennas and transceivers require precise signal handling. Furthermore, HASCO’s Littlebend Cables dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive right-angle adapters.

What truly distinguishes Littlebend cables is their innovative connector design, characterized by a compact structure and an impressive retention force exceeding 90N. This breakthrough eliminates the need for right-angle connectors altogether. Instead, the cable assembly can be vertically bent at the root of the connector joint. This provides a significant advantage, resulting in a reduced height after bending when compared to a regular right-angle adapter or swept connector.

The advantages stemming from this inventive design are twofold. First, it translates into significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive right-angle adapters and swept connectors. Second, it translates into space savings. Littlebend Cables are highly suitable for internal connections, particularly within confined spaces where traditional right-angle connections might prove unwieldy or impractical.


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Littlebend Ultra-Flexible Cable Series are 100% tested for VSWR and insertion loss and are available in standard lengths from 3 to 48 inches.

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