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HASCO Waveguide to Coax Adapters


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WR-10 WR-12 WR-15 WR-28




WR-34 WR-42 WR-51 WR-62




WR-75 WR-90  WR-112 WR-159




WR-187 WR-229  WR-340 WR-430

HASCO waveguide to coaxial transitions are designed to provide enhanced RF performance, resulting in characteristics like low insertion loss and low VSWR. When selecting a waveguide to coaxial adapter, choosing the correct connector type, flange materials, flange types and flange profiles is essential to achieving your desired RF performance.

A waveguide to coaxial adapter is a coaxial cable component designed as a transition between a waveguide and a coax connector. Waveguides, true to their name, guide electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency range with the least loss of energy possible. Coaxial connectors are cables composed of at least three layers, including a tubular shield, a layer of insulation and a conductive material. A waveguide to coaxial adapter allows for electromagnetic waves with different modes to be coupled, and thus transforms waveguide transmission lines into coaxial lines or vice versa.

HASCO Components offers Waveguide to Coax Adapters in right angle and end-launch configurations.  Go to https://www.hasco-inc.com/categories/adapters/adapters-waveguide.html to view the entire line.