In-Series, Between-Series, Millimeter Wave and Low PIM RF and Microwave adapters are used to enable connections between two connector types that would otherwise not mate.  In this case, a low-loss or low-VSWR male to female adapter is placed on the more expensive components and equipment when they are put through many connect/disconnect cycles.  This is to prevent damage to the connectors on the equipment.  Any damage caused by repeated connections will be born by the adapter, which is less expensive to replace. This is why male-to-female configured adapters are also known as "connector savers."
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HASCO RF Adapter kits give you the benefit of having every configuration at your fingertips when doing testing.  The adapters are stored in a foam lined case, keeping them organized and easily accessible.  Each adapter kit has a map showing where each adapter configuration is located. All kits have in-series and between-series adapters.

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