RF Cable Applications




Military and aerospace applications require exceptionally reliable electrical wiring and cable assemblies for safe and dependable equipment operation in no-fail applications. While standard cable and wire configurations are sufficient for many everyday systems, the extreme conditions present in military and aerospace applications require a higher degree of quality and reliability.



The military depends on critical avionics and tactical equipment to deliver real-time Intel and constant communication for mission success, safety and survivability. Undoubtedly, cables and cable assemblies connected to these sophisticated electronics represent a lifeline to military personnel. Cable materials can get easily damaged from complex routing, which causes abrasion, cut-through and even breakage. Other stress factors like extreme temperatures, tough weather and terrain, severe vibration, high impact and harsh chemicals can cause cable materials to deteriorate over time. These challenges can risk missions and personnel safety, plus result in cost-intensive cable replacements, maintenance, repair, labor and downtime.



RF testing requires unique coaxial cable and connector solutions. We carry durable coaxial assemblies that can withstand extensive handling and continuous movement from frequent connecting and disconnecting while maintaining precise repeatability of measurement and reliable electrical performance. Every day, however, measurement standards become more complex. We provide a wide range of test and interconnect applications that work in concert with the changes demanded by test equipment manufacturers.



As telephone companies work to provide 5G wireless connection in more cities, and Internet providers expand their services with higher fiber speeds in metropolitan areas along with farther reach into more rural areas, there is always a need for miles upon miles of highly reliable data transfer cables and power cables to accomplish those tasks even if they are ultimately providing a wireless service.