Ruggedized Cables Offer Superior Performance


The HASCO Ruggedized and Armored Cables are low loss and phase stable. This cable series is constructed with robust connectors and are internally ruggedized with multi-layer copper spiral and braided armor.  They offer excellent phase and amplitude stability vs. flexure.  

The HASCO Ruggedized Armored cables are RoHS Compliant and are available in Male-to-Male and Male-to-Female configurations.

HASCO offers many types and configurations of RF and microwave cable assemblies and can support most requirements, such as flexible, conformable, semi-rigid, VGA, low-loss, phase stable, armored, jacketed and more; all  assembled with the highest quality RF connectors.

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(SMA to SMA)
M-M and M-F


(2.92mm TO 2.92mm)
M-M and M-F


(2.40mm to 2.40mm)

M-M and M-F


(1.85mm to 1.85mm)
M-M and M-F


HASCO Ruggedized Cables can be special ordered in many lengths and configurations. 
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