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With our line of coaxial cables, HASCO has addressed crucial criteria for testing electronic components and systems—phase stability, insertion loss stability, and repeatable measurements—HASCO's test & measurement cables will give you a lower cost per measurement along with more consistent and accurate test results over a diverse set of testing environments.

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Littlebend™ cables are HASCO's newest high-performance Ultra-Flexible, triple-shielded cables, designed for demanding microwave interconnect applications and system designs requiring dense packaging. These extremely flexible, triple shielded cables support a minimum bend radius of 0.20”.


This line of ultra flexible cables further expands the HASCO cable offering to provide customers with a more flexible cable option that supports the need for increased movement during testing or production applications.


Littlebend Ultra-Flexible Cable Series are 100% tested for VSWR and Insertion loss. These cables are available in standard lengths from 3 to 48 inches, but can also be ordered in custom lengths. Each assembly is 100% continuity, Hi-Pot and RF tested to the printed specification prior to shipment.


•  Point-To-Point
    Interconnect Modules
•  High-Density Routing
•  5G & MIMO Testing
•  Small Form Factor


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Sample Performance Graphs

VNA Coax Cables for test and measurement applications must have a high degree of mechanical flexibility in combination with constant electrical stabilities. The ideal testing environment for VNA cables are extensive and generally must ensure the performance of various electronic components in use.


The VNA test cable often turns out to be particularly critical with regard to the design of a measuring systems, which means it must be sufficiently durable to withstand continuous bending and movement under various environmental influences, while maintaining consistent performance.  When measuring test systems and stations, the VNA test cable must also meet high-frequency test capabilities.


• Precise Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
   cable assemblies with outstanding
   VSWR, minimal insertion loss, phase,
   and amplitude stability, and frequencies
   up to 67GHz.
• These cable assemblies include NMD
   connectors that offer sturdy, lightweight
   design and can mate with VNA ports
   right away.
• Under bending, crushing, and other
   demanding test circumstances, the
   cable assemblies produce repeatable,
   dependable test results.


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Sample Performance Graphs

Ruggedized and armored coaxial RF cables are low loss and phase stable, designed with durability, making them among the most valuable cable assemblies in test labs supporting the most diverse applications. HASCO’s ruggedized cable series is constructed with robust connectors and are internally ruggedized with multi-layer copper spiral and braided armor. These durable cables offer excellent phase and amplitude stability vs. flexure, offering continuous back and forth flexing abilities; simulating connecting and disconnecting movements typical for lab test applications. The phase stability of these ruggedized test cables also provide reliable and repeatable performance, allowing for consistent electrical performance over a long service life.

HASCO Component Ruggedized Test Cable Assemblies are engineered to perform reliably in a variety of test and measurement applications, and are mated with high-quality ruggedized connectors, performing up to 67 GHz.

•  Low Loss & Phase Stable
•  Internally Ruggedized
•  Multi-Layer Copper Spiral 
    Braided Armor
•  Excellent Phase and   
    Amplitude Stability 
    vs. Flexure

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Typical Performance Information







VNA 50ghz insertion loss graph






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