HASCO Amplifiers

HASCO Amplifiers

Posted by HASCO Components on 5th Oct 2020


Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA’s) are a critical component in essentially every radar receiver and satellite communications systems. Designers and engineers may be challenged to find components for broadband requirements, while meeting stringent SWaP-C requirements that offer better temperature performance and lower noise figures.

With HASCO’s new line of Broadband LNA’s, ranging from 53 to 110 GHz, radar and satellite system designers have more off-the-shelf waveguide component options to meet next-generation system requirements that demand more sophisticated RF technology to achieve enhanced operational efficiencies and greater bandwidth. 

HASCO’s full E, W, and V band waveguide LNA’s offer greater bandwidth gain stability up to 23 db, superior noise figures up to 4.5 dB, an operating voltage from 7.5 to 12 VDC, and internal reverse bias protection, to ensure higher performance, longer-life and reliability. HASCO also stocks a wide range of coaxial and waveguide components to allow for multiple input and output port configurations, which are available for same-day shipment.

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