.09mm (SSBT) Ultra-Miniature Threaded Coupling

.09mm (SSBT) Ultra-Miniature Threaded Coupling

Posted by Southwest Microwave on 15th Nov 2023

In this flyer, Southwest Microwave proudly announces their line of miniature microwave coaxial cable assemblies. Small enough to fit size 20 cable contact cavities, they are able to be used interchangeably with both coaxial and non-coaxial assemblies. Southwest Microwave claims that the uses for this new line extend across a wide range of industries and that the largest benefits of the new line is the miniature size, the increase in reliability and a reduction of system costs. The Miniature Microwave Coax Contact Assemblies are easily installed, but are still sturdy. They are resistant to both vibration and shock. The interface also allows for efficient use in both RF and extreme millimeter wave assemblies.

These assemblies are a part of Southwest Microwave’s SSBP microwave connector series, and is labeled accordingly as SSBP-20. For further details about the SSBP-20 connectors, read Southwest Microwave’s original flyer here. This and other Southwest Microwave documents are provided for your convenience by HASCO, Inc., the premier provider of Southwest Microwave connectors, RF assemblies, and more.

If you'd like to read more, click the image below to download the free PDF.


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