1.85mm Attenuators

1.85mm Attenuators

Posted by HASCO Components on 14th Dec 2023


Introducing the revolutionary 1.85mm Attenuators by HASCO – a breakthrough in signal management! Elevate your signal control with the cutting-edge HA65A Attenuator series. Crafted by HASCO, these 1.85mm Male to Female Attenuators redefine precision and versatility. Seamlessly bidirectional, they empower you to harness the true potential of your signals.

Unleash the power of seamless signal refinement. The HA65A series is your gateway to maintaining waveform integrity while expertly reducing power levels. With an astounding operating frequency range of DC to 65 GHz and a robust 1 Watt rating, these attenuators set new standards of performance. Experience a flawless attenuation value of 10 dB, seamlessly packaged within a Passivated Stainless Steel Body.

Embrace the future of signal mastery with RF microwave attenuators – your ultimate toolkit for precision. Whether safeguarding measurement equipment, amplifiers, or circuitry, these RF pads are your trusted guardians. Uncover new realms with extended power meter and amplifier ranges, all while ensuring pristine impedance matching. Bid farewell to signal overload as these attenuators effortlessly optimize signal levels in amplifiers, receivers, and detectors.


Now, let's explore the extraordinary applications of 65 GHz coaxial attenuators. These advanced tools are the heartbeat of high-frequency communication systems, ensuring that signals remain finely tuned even in the most demanding environments. From aerospace to telecommunications, research to industrial applications, 65 GHz coaxial attenuators pave the way for seamless signal control, enabling unmatched precision and reliability.


Seize control with confidence, knowing that the HA65A Attenuator is the pinnacle of bidirectional signal management. Step into a world where power reduction doesn't compromise waveform integrity – it enhances it. Trust in the expertise of HASCO to reshape your signal control experience. Elevate, refine, and conquer with the HA65A Attenuator series – where innovation meets precision.


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1.85mm Attenuators


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