1.85mm DC Block - HDC65I

1.85mm DC Block - HDC65I

Posted by HASCO Components on 14th Nov 2023



Introducing the HDC65I is a 1.85mm DC Block, inner only design from HASCO. The 1.85mm Male to 1.85mm Female DC Block will operate from 10 MHz to 65 GHz with a maximum input power of 1 Watt and maximum voltage of 16V. 

Key specifications of the HDC65I 1.85mm DC Block: 

  • 10 MHz-65GHz
  • Inner ONLY
  • VSWR 1:60:1
  • IL: 1.25dB Max

This RF Inner Only DC Block is a coaxial device that prevents DC current flow through the center conductor while introducing minimal RF noise.  There are three types of DC blocks: Inner, Outer, and Inner/Outer. The manner by which DC Blocks prevent DC current is by inserting blocking capacitors in-line with the desired blocking path. In the case of an Inner DC Blocks, they have a capacitor in series with the center conductor.  Outer DC Blocks have a capacitor in the outer conductor, and Inner/Outer DC Blocks have blocking caps in both the inner conductor and outer conductor.

HASCO has a complete line of Inner Only and Inner/Outer DC Blocks. CLICK HERE to view them.

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