1.85mm Right Angle Adapters

1.85mm Right Angle Adapters

Posted by HASCO Components on 14th Nov 2023


Introducing 1.85mm right angle adapters from HASCO.

Click the following part numbers to view:
185J-185J-RA - Female to Female
185P-185J-RA - Male to Female
185P-185P-RA - Male to Male

The HASCO in-series 1.85mm right angle coax adapter will operate from DC to 67 GHz and have a VSWR or 1.35:1.  Adapters that have a male to female or plug to jack configuration are known as “connector savers.” Typically, a low loss or low VSWR male to female adapter is placed on more expensive component connectors to prevent damage.

HASCO stocks an extensive selection of RF and Microwave between-series, in-series, right angle and low PIM adapters. Click Here to View.

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