1.85mm (V) Series Connectors - Southwest Microwave

1.85mm (V) Series Connectors - Southwest Microwave

Posted by Southwest Microwave on 14th Nov 2023

In this useful supplement to their catalog, Southwest Microwave has provided extra information about their 1.85 mm 9 mil microwave coaxial connectors. The data presented includes the results of back-to-back tests between different connectors and even includes tests using non-optimized boards so that the tests show what performance would be like using a typical assembly. While this document will direct you to other Southwest Microwave catalogs for certain details, the supplementary information provided within it should be a big help to those purchasing and designing assemblies.

This catalog supplement, along with a variety of other studies, informational documents and guides from Southwest Microwave are provided for your convenience here by HASCO, Inc. We are the stocking distributor for Southwest Microwave and the premier provider of Southwest Microwave’s connectors, assemblies and adapters. In line with Southwest Microwave’s policy of pushing the industry forward and educating their consumers, we are proud to offer their documentation on our site to help you make the most informed purchases possible. 

If you'd like to read more, click the image below to download the free PDF.


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