Founder's Memorial Announcement - Bill Waskowitz

Founder's Memorial Announcement - Bill Waskowitz

Posted by HASCO Components on 15th Nov 2023

PHoto of Bill Waskowitz

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of our Founder, William (Bill) Waskowitz's passing.   Bill was a good friend, leader, and true visionary. He believed in the power of hard work, collaboration, and giving everyone an opportunity to accomplish their personal and professional goals, which made him an extraordinary leader and an even better human being.

Bill founded HyTech Associates, Inc. in 1980, selling Microwave Components and Subsystems throughout Southern CA, and then establsihed HASCO (HyTech Associates Sales Company) in 1986. In 2020, Bill stepped down from his managerial and sales activities but continued providing technical assistance to both the HASCO and HyTech Teams through April of this year.  Prior to starting HyTech, Bill was a part owner and Sales Representative for Scientific Devices, selling Instrumentation and Microwave Components in southern CA. 

While Bill has many years of experience leading teams in the RF and Microwave industry, it all started as a teenage Navy man, serving as Chief Petty Officer on the USS Midway, which is to this day the longest-serving vesel in the 20th century. Bill served the U.S Navy more than eight years.

Bill will be sorely missed by all those he worked with and the many customers and industry partners that he called on.

"Bill held a multifaceted role in my life as a boss, business partner, mentor, but he was also like family to me. His unwavering support was available at any hour, assuring me that a simple phone call would bring his guidance. Whether it was strategizing business expansion, overseeing my sales team, or seeking advice on balancing my roles as a family man, Bill was always ready to provide valuable insights. Losing Bill signifies more than the absence of a mentor in my professional journey; it is a profound personal loss. His absence leaves a void that cannot be filled, and his memory will forever be cherished and loved by me and my family."


- Todd Cates, HASCO's General Manager



Married for more than 60 years to his first and only love, Ginger, Bill was a family man to his core.  He lived for his wife, Daughter Mary, and his two grandchildren, William and Merissa.


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