HSFL42 Series Cables

HSFL42 Series Cables

Posted by HASCO Components on 11th Dec 2023


We are happy to feature the HSFL42 Series Cables by HASCO. The Spiral Flex (SFL) cable assemblies are ultra-flexible due to its unique spiral construction, which allows it to bend repeatedly while maintaining performance and durability. This high-performance cable offers low attenuation, and superb amplitude stability through 26.5 GHz It is also highly resistant to abrasion, oil, and chemicals, making the HSFL42 cable perfect for demanding applications. The HSFL42 cable series are RoHs Compliant.

HASCO offers the HSB42 in variety of RF connectors and custom lengths for production and testing environments.

Construction & Performance


hsfl42-table.png                             1. Center Conductor
                                      Silver plated Copper

2. Dielectric

3. Inner Braid
    Silver plated Copper Strip

4. Outer Braid
    Silver plated Copper

5. Jacket
    PVC, Blue


Featured Products

HSFL42 with SMA to SMA Connectors

- 26.5 GHz Max Frequency

- 0.163" Cable Diameter

- Lengths from 12" to 60"

- Capacitance: 29.4 pF/ft

- RF Leakage:

- Power: 72 Watts @ 26.5 GHz

- Phase Stability vs. Flexure:

  ± 3°@ 26.5 GHz

- Insertion Loss:

  .83 dB per ft @ 26.5 GHz

- Amplitude Stability:

  ≤ ±0.3 dB through 26.5 GHz

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