Werbel Microwave - What are Couplers?

Werbel Microwave - What are Couplers?

Posted by HASCO Components on 20th Mar 2024

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Werbel Microwave provides a wide selection of Couplers for your application needs - from laboratory test and measurement, to defense and military. With broadband flat coupling response, high directivity, and excellent return loss performance we offer reliable solutions to meet your requirements.

What are Couplers?

Couplers are essential components in RF and microwave systems, providing efficient means for power splitting, combining, and signal monitoring while maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal reflections. They are utilized across various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and scientific research.

  • Achieves desired functionality between two or more transition lines with electromagnetic or physical coupling structures.

Types of Couplers

  • Directional Couplers: Provide directional signal flow and are often used for power monitoring, signal sampling, and reflection measurements.
  • Hybrid: Splits the input signal into two output signals with specific phase relationships. Commonly used in balanced circuit designs and applications such as power amplifiers and mixers.
  • Quadrature: Splits input signals into two output signals with a 90-degree phase difference. Frequently used in applications that require phase control or signal quadrature generation.

Why are Couplers Important?

Couplers are important for several reasons, they allow for accurate monitoring and measurement of RF power levels without significantly affecting the main signal path. This is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and ensuring system reliability in various RF and microwave applications. They enable the distribution of RF signals among multiple components or subsystems. Couplers can also be used to achieve impedance matching between RF components and subsystems, ensuring efficient power transfer and minimizing signal reflections. Hybrid couplers are essential for balanced circuit designs, where maintaining equal signal amplitudes and phase relationships are critical. 

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