Southwest Microwave vs. Carlisle

Southwest Microwave vs. Carlisle

Posted by Southwest Microwave on 14th Nov 2023

In this brief study by Southwest Microwave, the Carlisle SMA connectors 5604-5CCSF were compared against Southwest Microwave’s own SMA connectors 212-501SF. Gathering data on the Carlisle SMA connectors first, the researchers then moved on to using Southwest Microwave connectors after removing the Carlisle counterparts. The same test was run again on the Southwest Microwave products.

The results were that performance was significantly improved when the Southwest Microwave connectors were used. In fact, insertion loss went down from around -1.2dB to -.6dB. This information clearly shows that when it comes to using the best parts in your assemblies, the manufacturer might have as much to do with it as the component selection. Further details and the graphic analysis of this study can be found in the document, itself.

While this study was conducted by Southwest Microwave with the aim of educating its customer base, it has been provided for your convenience here by HASCO, Inc., the stocking distributor of Southwest Microwave. We are just as concerned about you getting the information you need, which is why we offer informative documents like this one to educate you on Southwest Microwave’s coaxial connectors, RF cable assemblies and more.

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