HASCO Has Cable Expertise

HASCO Has Cable Expertise

Posted by HASCO Components on 15th Nov 2023


We want you to know HASCO has the expertise to assist you with all of your questions about choosing the correct RF Coaxial Cables for your specific project.  We have so many in stock, ready to ship that may already meet your needs.  If not, we can help you choose and build for your requirement.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions at (888) 498-3242 or sales@hasco-inc.com. Here are some tools that may assist you with your questions. 


This guide was created to assist you in knowing the parameters of each of our Low-Loss, Phase Stable line of RF Cables.

Most of these cables are in stock and ready to ship to you the same day.  

cable-selector-p1-thumbnail-2023.png  cable-selector-p2-thumbnail.png



This guide was specifically created for our Ultra-Flexible, High-Performance line of Cables.

We keep an extensive stock of these cables ready to ship to you the same day.

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HASCO has created a YouTube Channel we are filling with videos about RF Cables.

In these videos "Todd and Gerry, the Cable Guys" will give you important information about cable series and performance and all kinds of tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your test equipment using these sensitive and very valuable tools.

Check back often for the newest videos about RF Coaxial Cables.






HASCO has also created many additional tools to assist you in choosing the correct components for your projects.

Check these out!

•  Handling High-Performance Coaxial Cables

•  VSWR and Return Loss of Coaxial Cables

•  Calculate Phase Stability Over Temperature

•  RF and Microwave Glossary of Terms

•  Additional Technical Articles about RF Components

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