2.92mm Female Connectors

HASCO has a large selection of Female 2.92mm connector series are 50 Ohm designs in the RF and microwave industry applications to 40 GHz. The 2.92mm Female connectors available in vertical launch, end launch, extended-pin, and field-replaceable configurations. The Female connector installation options are available in thread-in, end launch vertical launch, 2-Hole and 4-Hole mounting flanges.

All 2.92mm Female connectors provide the best VSWR in the industry to 40 GHz and are constructed using passivated stainless steel bodies. The field replaceable versions are available with hermetic interfaces for .009, .012, .015, .020 or .036 inch pins. End-launch connectors can be used with Grounded Coplanar Waveguide (GCPWG) and Microstrip PCB’s (printed circuit boards) with varying board thicknesses. 2.92mmm end-launch evaluation test boards are available for purchase up to 40 GHz.

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Pin Diameter
Max Pin Depth


4 Hole
1012-23SF .025" .100
1012-05SF .020" .100
1012-01SF .012" .075
1012-22SF .009" .065

SMA 4-Hole .375 Square Image

4 Hole
1012-16SF .020" .100
1012-11SF .012" .075
1012-09SF .009" .065

2.92mm Male 2-hole .625long image

2 Hole
1014-05SF .020" .100
1014-16SF .015" .100
145-0701-601 .012" -
29J-2H-625-012 .012" -
1014-01SF .012" .075
1014-09SF  .009" .065

2.92mm Female .550long image

2 Hole
1014-15SF .020" .100
1014-17SF .015" .100
1014-11SF .012" .075
1014-08SF .009" .065

2.92mm Female .500long Image

2 Hole
1014-33SF .025" .100
1014-25SF .020" .100
1014-11SF .012" .075
1014-08SF .009" .065

2.92mm Female Thread-in Image

2.92mm Thread-In 1020-05SF .0375" .100
1020-02SF .020" .100
1020-01SF .012" .100
1020-10SF .009" .100
1020-03SF .009" .075

10359-002j-2.png 2 Hole Vertical Launch  10359-002J .012" .065"

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