SSBP Product Line at Southwest Microwave

SSBP Product Line at Southwest Microwave

Posted by Southwest Microwave on 15th Nov 2023

In this paper explaining the need for their SSBP product line, Southwest Microwave, Inc. gives the background of their innovative contacts, which are designed to work with standard, multi-contact connectors. Time was, engineers working with more than one high-performance millimeter or microwave blind-mate microwave coaxial connector had to use large or custom host connectors to accommodate their layouts. Recognizing a gap that needed to be filled, Southwest Microwave created their SSBP line of millimeter-wave contacts which could be used with standard signal contacts. In fact, they are interchangeable with standard signal contacts and are available in standard industry sizes.

Because it was obvious to Southwest Microwave that there would be a use for high-density, high-frequency and low-loss blind mate coax contacts which would fit the most recent coaxial flex cables, they applied a new design technique to develop their SSBP coaxes. They contend that the SSBP coax contacts “represent a paradigm shift” in design and provide system engineers with more options and flexibility than they originally had with the traditional coax connectors.

Read the full article here, which includes more detailed information about Southwest Microwave’s SSBP coax contacts and their applications with standard Southwest Microwave connectors, including design overviews, graphical comparisons and test data. It’s provided for your convenience by HASCO, Inc., a proud distributor of Southwest Microwave’s connectors, microwave connectors, RF cable assemblies and more.

 If you'd like to read more, click the image below to download the free PDF.ssbp-high-performance.jpg

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