System in Package (SiP) Components

System in Package (SiP) Components

Posted by HASCO Components on 14th Dec 2023


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HASCO offers System in Package (SiP) components developed by gotMiC. The SiPs integrate GaAs MMIC die and supporting chip components into individual surface mountable packages. This enables companies to use conventional surface mount handling and storage systems, eliminating the investment into specialized and expensive wire bond assembly equipment.

They are available for all gotMICs broadband V-, E-, W-, D- and G-Band, including mixers, multipliers, amplifiers, and transmit/receive frontends. The SiPs have matched waveguide ports that are optimized to launch directly into waveguide. HASCO’s die products are manufactured by gotMiC can be packaged in a SiP to replace traditional split-block packaging. These new mmWave SiPs, produced by gotMiC, expand HASCO’s line of mmWave MMIC die to PCB-level components. SiP’s remove one of the barriers to entry into the millimeter wave market, making it accessible to companies seeking higher frequency opportunities.

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Part No.

Description   Part No. Description
  gMLN0012  GaAs Low-Noise Amplifier, V-Band, 57-66 GHz     gMTX0014C  GaAs Transmitter, E-Band, HP-TX 81-86 GHz
  gMLN0014  GaAs Low-Noise Amplifier, E-Band, 71-76 GHz     gMTX0017A  GaAs Transmitter, E-Band, 71-76 GHz
  gMPA0021  GaAs pHEMT 4-Stage Power Amplifier, W-Band, 92-96 GHz     gMTX0018  GaAs Transmitter, W-Band, TX 92-94 GHz
  gMPA0035A  GaAs pHEMT 4-Stage Power Amplifier, E-Band, 71-76 GHz     gMTX0045A  GaAs Transmitter, W-Band, HP-TX 92-100 GHz.                      
  gMPA0036A  GaAs pHEMT 4-Stage Power Amplifier, E-Band, 81-86 GHz     gMTX0046A  GaAs Transmitter, W-Band, HP-TX 104-114 GHz
  gMRX0014B  GaAs Receiver, E-Band, RX 71-76 GHz     gMTX0051A  GaAs Transmitter, E-Band, HP-TX 71-76 GHz
  gMRX0015B  GaAs Receiver, E-Band, RX 81-86 GHz     gMTX0052A  GaAs Transmitter, E-Band, HP-TX 81-86 GHz 
  gMRX0033A  GaAs Receiver, W-Band, 92-100 GHz     gMTX0060A  GaAs Transmitter, V-Band, HP-TX 57-66 GHz
  gMRX0034A  GaAs Receiver, W-Band, 104-114 GHz     gMTX0061A  GaAs Transmitter, V-Band, TX 57-66 GHz
  gMRX0060A  GaAs Receiver, V-Band, HP-TX 57-66 GHz     gMXX0011  GaAs Multiplier, W-Band, x8 85-105 GHz

HASCO and gotMIC

At HASCO, we are committed to delivering products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our MMIC Multipliers are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from cutting-edge research to critical communications systems.

Gotmic is a high frequency MMW company with the vision and mission to make high frequency MMIC chip (50 - 120 GHz) affordable, having high quality and yield. We bring together more than 15 years of knowledge and experience of high frequency circuit design, fabrication and contact with major foundries.
Elevate your RF applications with Gotmic Multipliers, exclusively available through HASCO Components. Experience unparalleled performance, versatility, and innovation that set us apart.

For more information on these advanced multipliers and how they can enhance your high-frequency applications, please contact our technical experts.

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HASCO Components is your trusted partner for sourcing high-quality electronic components. We provide:

Our components are built to last, ensuring long-term performance.
Expert Consultation: Our experienced team assists in selecting the right components for your specific needs.
Timely Delivery: We prioritize prompt delivery to meet your project timelines.
Responsive Customer Support: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we provide dedicated support for your inquiries and concerns.

Unlock the potential of your RF control applications with the MMIC Multipliers, exclusively available through HASCO Components. Experience unbeatable versatility, performance, and innovation.

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