Type N Fixed Attenuators

Type N Fixed Attenuators

Posted by HASCO Components on 14th Dec 2023


We are excited to introduce the groundbreaking Type N Fixed Attenuators by HASCO – a true game-changer in signal management! These attenuators are designed to deliver seamless signal refinement with a remarkable attenuation range of up to 40 dB, offering precision signal control like never before.

Why Choose Type N Attenuators by HASCO?

Precision Signal Control at Your Fingertips

Bid farewell to signal overload as our Type N attenuators seamlessly optimize signal levels in amplifiers, receivers, and detectors. They are your key to unlocking extended power meter and amplifier ranges while ensuring pristine impedance matching. These advanced tools are the cornerstone of high-frequency communication systems, guaranteeing that your signals remain finely tuned, even in the most challenging environments.

Applications: Versatile and Reliable

No matter if you're in the aerospace, telecommunications, research, or industrial sector, our Type N attenuators are engineered to deliver precise and reliable signal control. From safeguarding measurement equipment to optimizing power meters and amplifiers, and ensuring accurate impedance matching in circuits, these RF pads serve as your trusted guardians in various applications.

Top-Notch Performance

Our Type N Fixed Attenuator series is designed to maintain waveform integrity while efficiently reducing power levels. With an impressive operating frequency range from DC to 18 GHz and a robust 5 to 10 Watt rating, these attenuators set new benchmarks for performance.

Trust in HASCO Expertise

Step into a realm where power reduction doesn't compromise waveform integrity – it enhances it. Feel confident in your signal control with the Type N Attenuator, representing the pinnacle of bidirectional signal management. Count on HASCO's expertise to reshape your signal control experience.

Durability and Performance

Our Type N attenuators feature a robust construction that ensures durability and endurance while maintaining the high-performance standards synonymous with HASCO.


Featured Products

Type N Fixed Attenuators


HA18N5W - 5 W

HA18N10W - 10 W

Frequency Range

DC to 18 GHz

DC to 18 GHz


1 dB to 40 dB

1 dB to 40 dB

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