Waveguide Multipliers

Waveguide Multipliers

Posted by HASCO Components on 14th Dec 2023


We are excited to introduce an exceptional range of waveguide multipliers, meticulously crafted to enhance your system's performance and expand your horizons. The HASCO Active Multipliers are high performance full band active multipliers at an excellent value. These multipliers operate using a single positive voltage from 7-12VDC. The internal reverse bias protection ensures reliability.

Unlock the Potential of Our Waveguide Multipliers

Are you prepared to redefine your approach to frequency conversion? Look no further! We proudly present an array of waveguide multipliers catering to diverse frequency ranges, output power needs, and applications. With a steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation, our multipliers are designed to revolutionize the way you tackle frequency conversion challenges.

These Multipliers can be used as a Frequency Extender. They operate in frequency from 26.5 to 110 GHz with an Output Power of +10 dBm min. Multipliers are useful in test labs or in a system. The Output Power is adequate to drive Balance Mixers in Up-Converters and Down-Converters for Transmitters and Receivers.


Embrace the Future of Frequency Conversion


WR-10, Multiplication X6


WR-12, Multiplication X4


WR-12, Multiplication X6


WR-15, Multiplication X4


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Waveguide Active Multipliers










   Frequency Range

   75 GHz to 110 GHz

   60 GHz to 90 GHz

   71 GHz to 86 GHz

   50 GHz to 75 GHz

   40 GHz to 60 GHz

   33 GHz to 50 GHz

   26.5 GHz to 40 GHz










 Discover the Key Features and Benefits of Each Waveguide Multiplier


WR-10 Multiplier (X6)

   - Wide Frequency Range: Extend your operational spectrum from 75 GHz to 110 GHz, igniting advancements in high-frequency applications.

   - Amplified Output Power: Harness the dynamic capabilities of the X6 multiplier, delivering the potency required for the most demanding Transmitters and Receivers.

   - Precision UG-387/U-M Flange: Seamlessly integrate with confidence, secured by the robust UG-387/U-M flange connection.


WR-12 Multipliers (X4 and X6)

   - Versatile Frequency Extension: Opt for either the X4 (60 GHz to 90 GHz) or X6 (71 GHz to 86 GHz) multiplier, both engineered to elevate your operational range and capabilities.

   - UG-387/U Flange Excellence: The UG-387/U flange ensures impeccable connections, facilitating seamless integration within your systems.


WR-15 Multiplier (X4)

   - Precision Frequency Expansion: Experience the advantages of a frequency range spanning 50 GHz to 75 GHz, tailored to your precise requirements.

   - Secure UG-385/U Flange: The UG-385/U flange guarantees stability and precision in each connection, augmenting your system's dependability.


WR-19 Multiplier (X4)

   - Optimized Frequency Coverage: Unleash the potential within the 40 GHz to 60 GHz range, perfectly suited for a plethora of applications.

   - Reliable UG-383/U Flange: The UG-383/U flange ensures consistent connections, underpinning your system's steadfast performance.


WR-22 Multiplier (X4)

Enhanced Operational Range: Elevate your operations across the 33 GHz to 50 GHz spectrum, unveiling new dimensions of performance.

UG-383/U Flange Assurance: Rely on the UG-383/U flange for a steadfast connection, facilitating seamless integration.


WR-28 Multiplier (X2)

   - Amplified Frequency Utilization: Extend your capabilities from 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz, bolstering your system's versatility.

   - Dependable UG-599/U Flange: With the UG-599/U flange, experience a secure and confident integration process.


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