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Passive Components - Millimeter Wave


Millimeter wave applications were primarily used by niche industries, such as defense radars, collision avoidance, and point to point communications. The demand for faster data rates by consumers has driven technology to broader bandwidth spectrums that are only possible in mmWave bands.

HASCO has been supporting mmWave engineers for many years and has expanded its products to support increased demand generated by the mmWave spectrum 5G bands.


 Millimeter Wave WAVEGUIDE Passive Components

HASCO offers mmWave Waveguide Attenuators, mmWave Waveguide Termination Loads, mmWave Waveguide Straight Sections, mmWave Waveguide Twists, mmWave Waveguide Bends, mmWave Waveguide Filters, and mmWave Coax to Waveguide Adapters.




Millimeter Wave
Waveguide Attenuators

Millimeter Wave
Waveguide Terminations

Millimeter Wave 
Waveguide Straight Sections




Millimeter Wave
Waveguide Twists

Millimeter Wave
 Waveguide E and H Bends

Millimeter Wave 
Waveguide to Coax Adapters

 Millimeter Wave COAXIAL Passive Components

HASCO also offers coaxial components that operate up to 110 GHz, such as the 3.5mm Adapters, 2.92mm Adapters, K Adapters, 2.4mm Adapters, V Adapters, 1.85mm Adapters, 1.0mm Adapters, mmWave DC blocks, 3.5mm Cables, 2.92mm Cables, K Cables, 2.4mm Cables, V Cables, 1.85mm Cables, 1.0mm Cables, 3.5mm Connectors, 2.92mm Connectors, K Connectors, 2.4mm Connectors, V Connectors, 1.85mm Connectors, 1.0mm Connectors




Coaxial Millimeter Wave
RF Adapters

Coaxial Millimeter Wave
 RF Fixed Attenuators
Coaxial Millimeter Wave
 RF Load Terminations
2412-01sf-webphoto.png dcblock-biastee-image.png 19270-19270-06-x.png

Coaxial Millimeter Wave
RF Connectors

Coaxial Millimeter Wave
 DC Blocks and Bias Tee
Coaxial Millimeter Wave
 RF Cable Assemblies


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